POA Elections

The Annual POA Meeting is typcially held in February of each year. Click the links below to view the Notice and Agenda for full information, including date, time and location.

Voting normally takes place by secret written ballot in late January via U.S. mail or hand delivery. Ballots are mailed to all Owners entitled to vote. No votes are normally cast at the annual meeting and results of the election are usually announced at the annual meeting. This year, 2014, a voice vote will be taken at the meeting since there were only two Board Member seats open and only two candidates interested in running. Both of those candidates are the Board Members whose seats were coming open, Betsy Laughlin and Skip Moss.

2014 POA Annual Meeting Information

2014 POA Annual Mtg Agenda
2014 POA Annual Mtg Bios
2014 POA Annual Mtg Notice
Annual Meeting minutes draft for 2013
2014 Adopted POA Budget