POA Elections

The Annual POA Meeting is typcially held in February of each year. Click the links below to view the Notice and Agenda for full information, including date, time and location.

Voting normally takes place by secret written ballot in late January via U.S. mail or hand delivery. Ballots are mailed to all Owners entitled to vote. No votes are normally cast at the annual meeting and results of the election are usually announced at the annual meeting. 

2016 POA Annual Meeting Information

2016 Adopted POA Budget
2016 Annual Meeting Notice
2016 POA Annual Meeting Bios
2016 POA Annual Meeting Agenda
Annual Meeting Minutes for 2015

EV POA Election Results

The results of the POA election were announced at last night’s EVPOA Annual Meeting.  You may read the election results letter here.

  • Judd Watts - 345 votes
  • Jake Jacobson - 291 votes
  • Stephen Daniels - 282 votes
  • Betsy Laughlin - 162 votes
  • Mark Miscio - 143 votes

Congratulations to Judd Watts, Jake Jacobson, and Stephen Daniels on their new roles volunteering for our community.  Each new board member will serve a two year term.  Thanks to Betsey Laughlin, Mark Miscio and Kim Bell Williams for their service.   

By the Numbers:  Additional EVPOA Election Information:

1,406 ballots were sent to property owners and 475 were returned.  Of those, 47 couldn’t be counted for failing to meet the verification standards (please click here to see standards).  One ballot was returned “undeliverable”. 

The election cost $7,209.72; 638.78 for postage, 4,614.69 for printing and 1,956.25 for the independent CPA who counted the votes.  Staff time for administering the election, including preparing information to be included in the packet, is not included in this cost.