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EagleVail Metro District 2023 Election Candidates

William Wilder

EVMD 2023 Board Candidate

EVMD Board Candidate

Candidate Questions:


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

My wife, Claire, and I were pulled by the mountains to Denver 6 years ago knowing very little about the city or state.  We have since found each other, started a family and decided to make Denver and EagleVail our long-term home.  We have been renting in Eagle Vail for the past 2 years and just bought our own place this past fall to be our long-term home for us, our new son (Samuel) and our dog (Gus).  In our free time, we love to hike, ski and play pickleball and get on the golf course whenever we can.  Both my wife and I work for McKinsey & Company as management consultants where I focus on operational excellence and financial turnarounds and I hope to bring that financial and operational rigor to our community through my service on the Board.


2. Why do you want to join the EVMD Board of Directors?

In our relatively short time in EagleVail, I have been struck by the strength of the community and the incredible resources this place stewards.  I feel personally obligated to protect those things that so attracted my family to the community in the first place and hopefully improve it for all for years to come.  EagleVail faces some critical decisions for the assets we have in the years to come and believe that my professional experience can help the board make the best possible decisions for these issues.  These include protection of our water rights, improved utilization of the pavilion, sports fields and par-3 golf course and any future significant capital expenses (continued watershed improvement, golf club house, pond and others).


3. What are some of your past leadership experiences?

Prior to moving to Colorado, I served in the Marine Corps as an infantry officer, commanding as many as 90 Marines and Sailors.  During that time, I led my platoon on deployments to Afghanistan and the Western Pacific.  In my current role, I lead combined teams of consultants and clients in multi-billion dollar projects often involving significant organizational change and influencing.  I understand how to 1) determine the best path forward for the organization as a whole, 2) what tradeoffs that path entails for different stakeholders and 3) how to move the group to action.  In addition to these professional experiences, I have also served on the Alumni Council of The Thacher School in California.


4. What skills, resources, and expertise will you bring to the EVMD?

I am a good team player who knows when and how to lead and when and how to listen or take action.  EagleVail has a healthy budget and some incredible resources that need to be properly cared for and supported.  My operational and financial background will help ensure that the board is making the best decisions possible with respect to those assets for the community's future.


5. What are your interests and/or hobbies?

All things mountains!  Claire and I are avid skiers and are just expanding that to cross country and backcountry touring.  We love to hike, camp and snowshoe and bring our son and dog with us everywhere we go!  We also love to bring friends together for adventures or good meals.