EagleVail Committees

A Call for Volunteers

The EV Metro District and Property Owner’s Association Boards of Directors has recently finished reforming the volunteer committee structure for our community.  The major function of committees is to assist the Boards by providing information gathered through research for a recommended course of action.

EagleVail has been very fortunate to have developed these volunteer committees. The volunteers will provide leadership for EagleVail through their committee involvement. Utilizing the volunteer’s talents within the committee structure provides assistance to the EagleVail Board on immediate projects and lays the groundwork for future decisions. 

Successful communities—those where residents are united by common goals and interests. This volunteer base brings essential diversity of viewpoints, opinions, ideas, talents, and contributions. 

1.      Each committee will meet quarterly, or as necessary, and develop their own agendas including Board and resident input and requests.

2.      Community members wishing to serve on Committees or Sub Committees are asked to submit a letter of interest containing a brief list of qualifications and relevant experience.  Qualifications will be evaluated and recommended by Board Directors and staff members.  All recommendations will then be reviewed and ratified by the Boards. 


The following committees and sub committees need community volunteers! 

  • Finance and Planning--Must have financial experience or background in managing a company including accounting, budgeting, and/or long-range planning.

- Development Committee (Sub Committee)—Must have a background in land use, developing projects, and/or PUD (especially in Eagle County)

  • Recreation and Amenities Committee

- Swim and Courts (Sub Committee)

- Parks, Trails and Dog Parks (Sub Committee)

- Golf (Sub Committee)

  • Communications, Promotions and Marketing

- Events Sub Committee

- Business District (Sub Committee)

  • Safety, Rules and Regulations

- Property Rental (Sub Committee)

- Traffic Calming (Sub Committee)

- Design Amenities (Sub Committee)


Please send your letter of interest to Jeff Layman, Community Manager at jefflayman@eaglevail.org today!  Or call Jeff at 790-1219 with any questions.