EagleVail Committees


Current EagleVail Committees include:


Communications Committee

To advise and assist in developing a plan for effective and useful communication methods between the EVMD/POA/EVBOG and the EagleVail community at large.

  • Stephen Daniels, Patti Sills, Catherine Lundy Hayes, John Halloran, Darlynne Littman, Linda Fox, Mary Blair, Chair.



Courts Committee

To provide community feedback on the use of our tennis courts and how to improve and/or renovate them.

  • Craig Snowdon, Lynn Emmert, Mike Kieler, Augusta Molnar, Kent Lupberger.



Design Amenities Committee

To create a consistent and controlled design vision and a process for implementation in EagleVail.

  • Carolyn Ford, chair; Craig Snowdon, Pedro Campos.



Design Review Committee

Reviews “all attachments, improvements, construction, landscaping, and alterations to structures and on lands within the Properties” to insure that they “conform to and harmonize with existing surroundings and structures and fulfill the purposes for which this Declaration is enacted.” Provides guidance and approval on all such projects.

  • Pavan Krueger, chair; Ruth Borne, John Halloran, Steven Hooker, John Halloran, Greg Barrie, Brice Jackson, Marcie Jaeger



Development Committee

Develop an EagleVail Community “Master Plan” using past planning tools, i.e., Greenplay study and ULI analysis as guides.

  • Charlie Penwill, Pedro Campos, Steven Kirchner, Mike Connolly, Karl Krueger, Morris Hatley, Jeff Apps, Skip Moss, Matt Jones, Corey Lamothe, Aggie Chastain, Jake Jacobson, Creig Veldhuizen, James Weides, Brett Holleman.



Document Review Committee

Review governing documents and recommend changes to the Board.

  • Mike Connolly, Chair; David McHugh, Betsy Laughlin, Judd Watts, Gerard Heid, Karl Krueger.



Events Committee

Develops social events aimed at building a sense of community within EagleVail and projecting a sense of “fun” in the greater community. Philosophy is to host as many events as is manageable at a reasonable cost so that more property owners may participate.

  • Cindy Clement, Mary Ferero, chair; Moses Gonzalez, Mike Kieler, Deb Feeney, Meg Austin, Meredith Hughes, Nate Lowe, Sarah Ast.



Finance Committee

Reviews preliminary budget, leads public hearings on the budget, reviews financial reports, reviews and monitors insurance needs and coverage, monitors financial procedures and transactions.

  • Cindy Gilbert, Tracy Walters, GR Rufenacht, Andy Larson, Stephen Daniels, Darlynn Littman.



Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Governors. It is established to assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities through the implementation of sound compensation and personnel policies and practices.

  • Morris Hatley, Reed Ford, Tom Allender, Jack Lee, Steve Thissen.



Parks Committee

Improving our parks to better serve the community.

  • Kari Corbin, Kyle Deighan, Mary Ellen Blair, Josiah Middaugh, Ginny Snowdon, Gretchen Hatley, Joe Histed, Anna Barnum, Valentina Campos, Chris Romer, Tracy Walters, Greg Barrie.



Property Rental Committee

Creation and enforcement of policies, rules and regulations for long and for short-term rental of property so that all can live harmoniously. Work to resolve complications that might arise. Explore opportunities for rental properties to pay for impacts.

  • Michele Garner, Patrick Carter, Mike Connolly, Skip Moss, Judd Watts, Jane Ross, chair, Betsy Laughlin, Karl Krueger, Sondra Slappey, Ed Miller.



Swim Committee

To provide community guidance and support to swim operations.

  • Ginny Snowdon, chair; Susan Farrell, Carolyn Connolly, Michelle Courtney, Connie Cameron, Katie Crofton.



Traffic Calming Committee/”Safe Routes to School” Committee

To increase safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Develop and implement further pedestrian safety measures for those school kids who ride or walk to school.

  • Jane Ross, James Deighan, Mary Ellen Blair, Chair; Sondra Slappey, Kyle Deighan, Tessa Kirchner.



Trails Committee

Improving our trails to better serve the community. Exploring the potential of extending the EV Trail to the East and West. Organizes trail maintenance events.

  • Charlie Penwill, Paul Hields, Jeff Apps, Patrick Horton, Howard Tuthill, John Halloran, Kent Lupberger, Mike Beach, Ken McCann, Clark Shively, Hale Moore.



Task Force Committee

To gather information and opinions from EagleVail residents on how we should move forward through constructive and positive dialog regarding our maintenance facility, tennis courts, clubhouse and other EV assets. The goal is to enhance and maintain our property values.

  • Aggie Chastain, Brice Jackson, Carl Luppens, Chuck Toms, Darlynne Littman, Dave Hunt, Diane Luppens, Louise Funk, Jake Jacobson, Jane Ross, Kent Pettit, Linda Fox, Mark Miscio, Mary Ellen Blair, Pavan Krueger, Pedro Campos, Stephen Daniels, Tim Losa, Tom Allender.