Maintenance Services | The Community of EagleVail, CO 81620

EagleVail Maintenance

The EagleVail Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining the following community assets:

  • EagleVail Golf Course - 18 holes, practice facility (110 acres).
  • Par 3 Willow Creek Golf Course - 9 holes, practice facility (5 acres).
  • Community Parks & Open Space- Pavilion Park, West Park, Ptarmigan Park, Coyote Park, Holland Pond Park and Trout Pond Park (15 acres).
  • Athletic Fields - baseball field and soccer field (6 acres).
  • Tennis Courts – 4 courts and building.
  • Public Works – parking lot maintenance, cart paths, bike paths, banner poles in the business district, AEDs and emptying and restocking the 36 pet poop stations throughout the community.
  • Leading and Managing – 25 seasonal employees and 4 fulltime staff.
  • Project Management - golf course renovation project, floodplain project, ECO trails, Xcel Energy, power lines, pump track, EV FireHouse.
  • Winter Operations – Nordic Track, plowing bike path along Hwy 6, snow removal, plowing district parking lots, removing snow and ice off roofs and Christmas Tree Recycling.
  • Maintenance Buildings – golf course maintenance building, tennis building, red barn, restroom hole #2, pump houses and the EagleVail FireHouse.
  • Equipment Maintenance Fleet and Inventory – oversee the repair and maintenance for 200 items including trucks, tractors, utility carts, mowers and misc equipment.
  • Irrigation Systems – 3 pumping stations, 2 separate computer controlled systems, 100s of miles of pipes and wires, 4,000 sprinkler heads, 50 satellites and automated weather station.
  • Water Flow & Storage – Headgate/levy in the Eagle River, 2.5 mile irrigation delivery pipe, 4 ponds, 2 miles of creeks and streams.
  • Golf Course Landscape Features – flowers, trees, shrubs and etc.
  • Community Entryways & Landscape Features - monuments, flowers, trees, shrubs and etc.
  • Community Gardens – provide irrigation water and oversee the landscaping, mowing and trimming.
  • EagleVail Community Trail, Bike Path and Pump-track – maintenance.
  • Misc. – Community Cleanup Day, Community Events and Homestake Peak School Community Service Day.


Maintenance Contact Information:

Brent Barnum - Superintendent of Golf Courses and Parks
P.O. Box 5660, Avon, CO 81620
Phone: (970) 949-5686
Fax: (970) 748-1992

Andrew Taber - Assistant Superintendent
P.O. Box 5660, Avon, CO 81620
Phone: (970) 949-5686
Fax: (970) 748-1992



Irrigation Systems Report

Irrigation Systems Report


Stone Creek Restoration Project

Stone Creek Master Plan Final Version