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Pet Information | The Community of EagleVail, CO 81620

Living With Pets in EagleVail


For years pets have been a big part of culture of EagleVail. People getting together with their dogs out on the golf course after hours or just walking through the neighborhood. Most people do not know that there is a regulation and restriction in the covenants that is very specific about dogs. “Dogs must be on a leash at all times when not in a house or a fenced yard.

In addition to leashes it is very important to clean up after your pets, it is not just a nuisance of stepping in something but for numerous health and environmental reasons. Dogs will always be a part of our daily lives one way or another. Being responsible for your pet’s actions and functions is necessary to be a good neighbor and community member.


Ten Reasons to Scoop Poop:

  1. Dog waste is an environmental pollutant.
  2. Pet byproducts can harm your health.
  3. Contaminated waste can make dogs sick, too.
  4. It doesn't just disappear.
  5. Rodents love pet waste.
  6. Dog waste is far from fertilizer.
  7. Mowing over doggie deposits does not solve the problem.
  8. Children are at risk.
  9. An unsightly mess.
  10. Less mess, less stress.


Please visit Eagle County's Animal Services website for more information about pets in Eagle County. Eagle County's website is a great resource and the place to go for information regarding dog licensing, adoptions, volunteering, lost and found pets, and animal complaints.