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EagleVail Metro District Board Meeting Info

Board Meeting Info

The EVMD Board meets the third Thursday of each month for a Regular Meeting, at 5:00pm at the EagleVail Pavilion, 538 Eagle Road and occassionally the first Thursday for a Work Session or Special Meeting. To view the yearly calendar of board meetings please click here.

The EagleVail Metropolitan District (EVMD) Board is comprised of five members.

  • Contact an EagleVail Metropolitan District Board Member here

The meetings of the EVMD Board are recorded and broadcast at various times between meetings by High Five Access Media, Channel 5, and can then be viewed on the Channel 5 website or on Channel 5, Mondays at 8:00am and Wednesdays at 12:00pm.  Click on EagleVail and choose the meeting you wish to view. The EVMD Board provides this service with the intent of giving all residents an opportunity to be informed, even though attendance at these meetings may not be possible.