EV Dog Park Memorial Press Release Read more

EV Dog Park Memorial Press Release

The EagleVail Metro District Board has voted to approve the proposal to create a dog memorial in West Park, located at the far west end of Deer Blvd, community manager Jeff Layman announced today. Funded by private donations and volunteer efforts of EagleVail citizens, the proposal calls for redesign of the existing gazebo in the park, located between the playground and the volleyball courts.

“Everyone is excited about the opportunity to create something in the community that brings people together in a way that reflects one of the unique attributes of EagleVail,” Layman said today. “And it turns out that in our neighborhood, the bond between dogs and people exists not only with owners, but with their owners’ neighbors. And West Park has been a meeting place where everyone’s gotten to know literally everyone and their dog for years.” To read the entire press release please click here

Call for Nominations for the EVMD Regular Election May 8, 2018 Read more

Call for Nominations for the EVMD Regular Election May 8, 2018

A regular election will be held on May 8, 2018 for the election of three EagleVail Metropolitan District Directors. Self-Nomination and Acceptance forms are available from the Designated Election Official for the District, c/o Kris O'Neill at 538 Eagle Road, Avon, CO 81620. Self-Nomination and Acceptance forms must be filed with the Designated Election Official for the District at the above address no later than 5:00 pm March 2, 2018. You may contact Kris O'Neill at krisoneill@eaglevail.org.   

EagleVail Nordic Trail System Read more

EagleVail Nordic Trail System

EagleVail Nordic Trail System
The EagleVail Community is blessed to have a variety of Nordic Trail System’s right here in our own backyard.  Located on the 18-hole golf course these trails are a great place enjoy the outdoors.  The 18-hole golf course provides more than 8K of groomed and set track for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and dog walking.  This trail is maintained every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and after each snow.
Back again this season is the Willow Creek Nordic Training Facility, located on the Par 3 golf course.  This ski only facility is designed to allow young skiers to fulfill their dreams and goals on 2.5K of groomed terrain.  This facility is a partnership between the EagleVail Metro District, Homestake Peak and Ski & Snowboard Club Vail. 
The EagleVail Nordic Track and the Willow Creek Training Facility are a great asset to the community.  Both facilities are open to the public and are free of charge.  Signs will be placed in key locations throughout the trail systems indicating which trails are for skiing and which are for multiuse.  Walking on the “ski only” trails damages the skiing surface.  Please be respectful and follow ALL signs and cleanup after you pets.  Have a safe and wonderful winter season.
EagleVail Maintenance Department, Homestake Peak School and Ski & Snowboard Club Vail