New Courts Coming Soon! Read more

New Courts Coming Soon!

Metro District Board Approves Courts Contractor

Construction to start in June; Renovating building is next


The EagleVail Metro District Board last Thursday night voted unanimously to build an updated and renovated courts facility at the current tennis court location.  Two tennis courts, four pickleball courts and a multi-sport court will be built with a post tension concrete surface.  The facility will be located on the same “footprint” as the old four court tennis complex.    


The Board anticipates spending about $491,000 on the project including the courts, site work and remodeling the building which will likely include restrooms and potentially other spaces including storage for tennis and pickleball equipment, pool and other community uses.  At the same meeting, the EV Property Owners Association Board of Directors reaffirmed its financial commitment to the project of $150,000.          


The EVMD received two bids for the courts project.  Both bids received were from competent and well regarded tennis court contractors that have the confidence of the board and staff. Both bids were within the budgetary constraints set last year.


After a thorough discussion of the merits of each bid, the Board voted to hire Renner Sports of Denver for the work, to start in June and to be completed in September. 


The tennis courts, in disrepair for several years, were built in about 1975.  They were constructed using 2” of asphalt on top of native soil.  In 1989, the cracks became so severe that the courts became unplayable.  A “slip sheet system” was installed over the failing surface with a new asphalt overlay.  Designed to last only ten years, it was repaired in 2010 when cracks again made it difficult to play.  Cracks began to show almost immediately and another minor repair was completed in 2011. 


The courts were not repaired again due to the past Board’s concern that the demand for tennis was waning among EagleVail homeowners and residents, and that the courts location would be the new home of the EagleVail Community Clubhouse.  The clubhouse, among other improvements, failed in the November 2015 bond vote.