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EagleVail Wildfire Mitigation

EagleVail Wildfire Mitigation

Information on Upcoming Wildfire Mitigation in EagleVail

You may have seen recent posts online about upcoming wildfire mitigation projects in the Community of EagleVail. Eagle Valley Wildland and Eagle River Fire Protection District in partnership with EagleVail Metropolitan District have partnered with Eagle County, Colorado Park and Wildlife, and Colorado State Forest Service to develop these projects. The main focus of these projects is to protect homes through the creation and maintenance of a healthy ecosystem through thinning practices and the removal of dead vegetation. All units within EagleVail will be selective thinning meaning that we will only target dead vegetation and ladder fuels. We will not be removing any old-growth trees that are healthy.

Questions have arisen about the trails in the area and how they will be impacted. Our current plan is to leave untreated buffers along the trail systems to not impact the trails within the community. There may be times when EVW posts a trail guard for safety reasons but no closures are planned at this time.

For residents who have a property that is adjacent to the yellow units on the map below, we do want to ensure that we are not impacting the optics of your residence and are eager to work with homeowners to explain the project. If you would like an EVW representative to come and speak to specifics with you on the project, please contact Hugh Fairfield-Smith

The map link below will take you to the EagleVail Project Map. As we begin treatment and work in the area EVW will add photos to this map. The units will also change to green as the units are completed.


EagleVail Project Map - Google My Maps

Eagle Valley Wildland Project Map



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