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EagleVail Metro District 2023 Election Candidates

Terry Copeland

EVMD 2023 Board Candidate

EVMD Board Candidate

Candidate Questions:


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

My husband and I moved to EagleVail in 2015 to join our three children and four grandchildren, who all work or attend school in the valley. I am fully committed to helping to make EagleVail be the best place to live for all ages and lifestyles -  from the grandkids to my elder pickleball friends - and everyone in between!


2. Why do you want to join the EVMD Board of Directors?

The main reason that I am running to serve on the EVMD, is to ensure that there will be COMMUNICATION, TRANSPARENCY AND FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY.  I promise to be a voice for those who have suggestions, comments, concerns, and creative ideas. ACTIVE COMMITTEES for courts, swim, golf, parks, safety, etc. can offer community input. I have the time and skill set to really listen and bring diverse interests together to problem solve as a team.


3. What are some of your past leadership experiences?

I have heard that many residents are apathetic and have “complaint fatigue” because they don’t feel heard or that the EVMD doesn’t act on what the community voices.  I’m anxious to re-engage our community as a whole, for the good of all. I want to keep improving all that EagleVail has to offer.


4. What skills, resources, and expertise will you bring to the EVMD?

I loved teaching high school for 40 years in Wisconsin.  I continue to teach yoga to Veterans and at Homestead. I teach skiing at BC and swimming at the EagleVail pool. I have volunteered with the HPS Nordic program and volunteer at the Vilar Center. I am active in the pickleball community, swim at the pool, Nordic and alpine ski, hike, bike, golf, do Tai Chi and walk dogs!! 


5. What are your interests and/or hobbies?

I love to travel and learn from different cultures.  I am a researcher and forever learner.  Good teachers learn from their students.  I promise to learn from everyone who chooses to share and research what I don’t know yet. Reach out to me if desired.