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EagleVail is a multi-faceted mountain community located in the heart of the Eagle River Valley in Eagle County, just minutes from world-class skiing in Vail and Beaver Creek, Colorado.  Home to approximately 4000 residents, EagleVail's amenities include the EagleVail Golf Club, Willow Creek Par 3, EagleVail Swimming Pool, EagleVail Pavilion, tennis courts, sports fields, community parks, open space and EagleVail Trails for both hiking and biking. Quality waters are nearby for fishing, white water rafting and kayaking.



Blood Drive

There will be a Bonfils Blood drive at the Pavilion on Thursday, August 25 from 10:30am-3pm.


Stone Creek Master Plan

Click HERE to read the Stone Creek Master Plan.


“EagleVail 2020” Will Consider Chairlift Among Potential Funding Strategies
By Stephen Daniels with David Warner Contributing
The Board of Governors is considering various strategies that would fund possible future shortfalls to maintain EVMD physical assets. Recently, the Board of Governors was presented a preliminary and comprehensive plan (“EagleVail 2020”) of possible future revenues and expenditures that would enhance the value of properties throughout EagleVail, and, provide funding for most of the shortfall.
The goal of EagleVail 2020 is to take “a fresh look” at these new and long-standing ideas to enhance property values and revenues. The major elements of this “fresh look” are a sales tax in the business district, modest increases in user fees for certain amenities, possible sale and development of certain EVMD owned real estate and the construction of a limited use chairlift with direct access to Beaver Creek. Each of the elements of EagleVail 2020 requires further study and analysis and has related uncertainty.
For a detailed, yet very preliminary view of these plans, click HERE.
Please be aware that these proposals are ideas that need more research prior to implementation.  They are far from final and this document will be updated as new information is developed.  These plans are authored by David Warner, EagleVail Metropolitan District Board Member, and have been endorsed for further investigation by the EV Board of Governors.   


EagleVail Quarterly June Newsletter Released

Click on the image above to read the about the latest news, events and goings on in EagleVail!

Wildfire Evacuation Routes Established

EagleVail and the Eagle River Fire Protection District have worked together to develop the “EagleVail Wildfire Evacuation Plan” and some tips on wildland fire safety.  Please click HERE for the evacuation plan and HERE for wildland fire safety.  

Property Rental Rules and Regulations

It is the time of year where seasonal rentals will be starting!  Keep in mind that EagleVail is a “Covenant Controlled Community” and certain rules apply to all who call this community home.  Please remember to check out the Property Rental Rules and Regulations to ensure that tenants know all of the information important to living in EagleVail.

EagleVail Community Survey Results are IN!!
For the 2014 survey results, please visit: http://svy.mk/R0CqCA
For the 2012 survey results, please visit: http://svy.mk/1ggFRRt

Important information regarding Lockoffs in EagleVail
Please click here to read EagleVail's Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions on lockoffs.

Ten Reasons to Scoop Poop

  1. Dog waste is an environmental pollutant.
  2. Pet byproducts can harm your health.
  3. Contaminated waste can make dogs sick, too.
  4. It doesn't just disappear.
  5. Rodents love pet waste.
  6. Dog waste is far from fertilizer.
  7. Mowing over doggie deposits does not solve the problem.
  8. Children are at risk.
  9. An unsightly mess.
  10. Less mess, less stress           
This article from the Vail Daily has some interesting and eye opening information about dog poop, including the shocking fact that there is no Poop Fairy! http://bit.ly/1H5T77x

911 Subscription Service is Available to Eagle Valley Residents.