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EagleVail is a multi-faceted mountain community located in the heart of the Eagle River Valley in Eagle County, just minutes from world-class skiing in Vail and Beaver Creek, Colorado.  Home to approximately 4000 residents, EagleVail's amenities include the EagleVail Golf Club, Willow Creek Par 3, EagleVail Swimming Pool, EagleVail Pavilion, tennis courts, sports fields, community parks, open space and EagleVail Trails for both hiking and biking. Quality waters are nearby for fishing, white water rafting and kayaking.




The EagleVail Board of Governors is seeking input from our community as we work on a strategic plan to make EagleVail better tomorrow than it is today. Please take our community survey available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/egv2014.  Your input will help to best direct our efforts.  The survey will be available until April 21, 2014.

Registration is currently underway for the 2014 EagleVail Swim Team and Swim Team Prep!  For more information and to register, click here.

EagleVail is soliciting proposals for the construction of a new sidewalk and associated drainage improvements.
Click here for details.

The EagleVail Swimming Pool is now accepting applications for the following positions:
         -Swim Team Coach

Please click here for application.

The EagleVail Golf Club is now accepting applications for the following positions:

     -Golf Course Maintenance
     -Parks Maintenace
     -Assistant Irrigation Tech
     -Outside Services
     -Golf Shop
     -Par 3
     -Beverage Cart Attendants

Please click here for application.

2014 POA Dues Set; New Collections Policy Makes Payment Easier

Most EagleVail property owners will be receiving their 2014 assessment this week.  You’ll note two important changes this year:

  • The POA Board recently approved changes to the Collection Policy that gives members the opportunity to pay their assessments over time by establishing an earlier billing date (January 15).  It increases the amount of time between billing and due date by about 45 days.  This will allow homeowners to pay their dues by installments, if they wish.  
  • The total assessment per property will increase from $300 to $325.  The Operating Assessment is set to increase $5 from $195 to $200 and the Capital Reserve Assessment will go from $105 to $125.  Most of the increase will be used to care for amenities and facilities.  See the related story in this week’s EagleVail Quarterly later this week or on line at www.eaglevail.org.  (Long Range Financial Strategy; Replacement Reserve Funds).  EagleVail dues have not increased since 2010. 
Invoices were mailed by our billing company, AmCoBi, about January 15, 2014 with a due date of April 1, 2014.  This will give property owners about ten weeks to make periodic payments prior to the due date.  In the past, statements were mailed on March 1 for the April 1 deadline.
Property owners interested in paying their bill online with a credit card, debit card, electronic check or automatic withdrawal from checking or savings account (ACH), should visit www.amcobi.com and click on ePay in the upper right hand corner of the page.  The processing fee for using a credit or debit card for the entire $325.00 is $12.00.  The Collections Policy amendment adheres to new requirements of state law. 
For billing questions, please email ClientCare@AmCoBi.com, call 877-410-0167 or the EV office at 949-5400. 

BOG Develops Long Range Financial Strategy; Replacement Reserve Funds
The EagleVail Board of Governors, consisting of the combined EV Metro District and EV Property Owner’s Association Boards, recently directed EV’s staff to develop replacement reserve and long range financial strategies to guide the board’s decisions.
Initially, a reserve study was conducted to identify future major expenditures—those capital expenditures that occur every two or more years.  Other, more routine items are handled in the annual maintenance budget.  EagleVail’s staff, in concert with our financial consultants, Robertson and Marchetti, PC, CPAs, conducted the study based on work done previously by contractors. 
For many years, as a budget saving measure, EagleVail deferred maintenance on many of its amenities and facilities.  During the past few years, with so many new facilities having been constructed, the board felt it important now to lay the groundwork to care for these amenities in order to extend their service lives.  Building elements such as roofs, asphalt, mechanical equipment, pools, concrete work, electrical systems, etc. need to be properly maintained and replaced, when necessary.  Money is set aside annually to be used for large-scale maintenance and replacement projects.      
The study revealed the need to establish a replacement reserve fund for irrigation systems for the soccer and baseball fields, infield drainage system for the baseball field, tennis facilities, building elements at the Willow Creek Par 3 clubhouse, equipment replacement (and upgrades) to EagleVail’s parks, replacement of the golf course maintenance facility, replacement of the golf course clubhouse (proposed to be a community center which would include golf operations and pro shop), irrigation system for the 18 hole golf course, pool systems and elements, among other things.   The entire list will be available on www.eaglevail.org after Board of Governors review. 
The study further revealed that it is necessary to establish “catch up” provisions across all funds. 
The Board chose to begin to tackle these issues by designating fund balances to specific reserve accounts and increasing POA assessments by $25, $20 of which is earmarked for reserve.  Much “deferred funding” is still needed in order to address the deferred maintenance from the past and the board continues to struggle with this issue. 
The entire process is still very much a work in progress.  It has identified a number of funding issues which have no easy solutions.  EV’s staff continues to work with the Board to develop additional revenue streams. 
Most property owners and residents in EV feel fortunate to have such a broad array of recreational amenities.  Our financial advisors, however, point out that it is expensive to maintain and replace them.  Over the next couple of years, EagleVail must make some choices—increase revenue in the way of higher fees, assessments and property taxes, or reduce the quality and/or number of amenities.  It is likely that the ultimate solution will be a combination. 
Look for the 2014 version of the Community Survey, coming soon.  The results will assist the board in making decisions for the future of EagleVail.  Community involvement and input will be key in determining what amenities are most valued. 

In a proactive move to protect its residents from flooding, the Community of EagleVail has partnered with Eagle County and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to improve drainage from Stone Creek that flows into the community.
For the complete story, click here: Flood Mitigation Efforts in Full Swing


Ten Reasons to Scoop Poop
  1. Dog waste is an environmental pollutant.
  2. Pet byproducts can harm your health.
  3. Contaminated waste can make dogs sick, too.
  4. It doesn't just disappear.
  5. Rodents love pet waste.
  6. Dog waste is far from fertilizer.
  7. Mowing over doggie deposits does not solve the problem.
  8. Children are at risk.
  9. An unsightly mess.
  10. Less mess, less stress.

Construction on the Twin Tunnels is on-going: Please view the I-70 Twin Tunnels Fact Sheet
for more information.

911 Subscription Service is Available to Eagle Valley Residents.

EagleVail Metropolitan District offers an Alternative Trash Service to its Residents.Please contact Ted Hanley at 970-790-1221 or email  tedhanley@eaglevail.org for more information.
Pavilion Dumpster Lease