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EagleVail Metro District Exploring New Sales Tax

To Survey Residents

EagleVail Metro District Exploring New Sales Tax

The EagleVail Metropolitan District has asked Magellan Strategies of Louisville, CO to conduct a survey of residents later this month to determine if enacting a sales tax has grassroots support.

The board is exploring enacting a sales tax because the state's property tax funding formula has constrained district revenues, forcing it to seek a new revenue source for existing expenses. EagleVail does not currently charge a sales tax.

The survey firm will utilize landlines, cell phones and email to conduct the survey. The telephone survey typically takes about 12 minutes to complete.

The data collected will help guide the decisions of the EagleVail Metropolitan District's Board of Directors as it explores the sales tax proposal.  It is estimated a 1 percent tax could generate as much as $230,000 annually for safety protection and parking lot and street maintenance and improvements.  These are generally structures and facilities the District must take care of and will expand its capacity for overall maintenance of amenities.

The uses of sales tax by metropolitan districts in Colorado is restricted by state law to maintenance of streets and parking lots, safety protection and transportation related projects.

For more information, please call the Metro District at (970) 790-1219.


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