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EVMD Regular Meeting 5/16/2024 Recap
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EVMD Regular Meeting 5/16/2024 Recap

This is an unofficial summary of the May 16, 2024 Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of the EagleVail Metropolitan District produced by EVMD Communications staff. A draft of the minutes will be posted to the EVMD website once they are composed.


Board members present: McGuire, Copeland, Hopkins, Laughlin, Barcza

Public Comment: Tom Boyd, candidate for Eagle County Commissioner (Kathy Chandler-Henry has chosen not to seek re-election for the District 2 seat), introduced himself and his candidacy. June 25 is the Democratic Primary Election (ballots will arrive in the mail early June). Unaffiliateds, Republicans and Democrats are able to vote. The winner of the primary election will be uncontested on the November general election ballot.


Pavilion Pond Project

  • Board decision (3-2) to approve a change order not to exceed $420,000 for pond repairs.
  • Discussion: District Manager Steven Barber explained that after exploratory borings, excavation and near-completion of the pond project, about a month ago, crews began to fill the pond with water and realized it wasn’t filling as it should. The pond was drained back down. It was noticed in pond expansion area, unstable soil structure and small sink holes that weren’t found until water went in. Barber and Brent Barnum, Superintendent of Golf Courses & Parks, consulted with project experts, including Wrightwater Engineering, on materials to fill holes. Because this is an irrigation pond, the demand for a fix is great and very time-sensitive.
  • Solution presented by Barber: Bring in 12 inches of pure clay material to create a liner. A liner can be either organic or synthetic. The organic clay mix material is safe for fish and swimmers. A synthetic liner with or without this clay mix liner does have the possibility of being punctured, and was not recommended.
  • At the outset of the project, a liner proposed (and rejected) would have a $300,000 cost, but recent soil findings (mentioned above) would still need the clay fill liner driving up the cost above $650,000.
  • Barber explained that the team’s proposed solution is $420,000 to fix the pond. Currently there are some savings from the pond project including the contingency fund.  Additional savings from the proposed hole #9 project will be applied to help offset costs.
  • Goal is to complete the project within two weeks.
  • Board Chair Tim McGuire acknowledged he supported the decision early on to not install a liner; in evaluating the current studies and recommendation, he preferred more of an incremental approach option with a reduced scope of treatment but further acknowledged that there is a risk of leakage and potentially a delay in finishing if a future fix is needed. Maybe save about $100,000. Board member Joanna Hopkins agreed with the incremental approach; members Terry Copeland, Betsy Laughlin, and Lauren Barcza voted for staff’s proposal.
  • Request for clarification on rumors that millions of dollars in water were wasted when the pond was filled and then drained due to finding the sink holes. Barber answered that due to the District’s water rights, no monies were paid for the water that filled the pond and was emptied.
  • Request for clarification that appropriate standards and regulations were being built to.


Phase II Master Plan update from Norris Design, Brandon Major and Ellie Nyquist.

  • Discussion: Master planning goals are to preserve and enhance current amenities; identify potential additional amenities; achieve overall community health and District goals.
  • After a robust community outreach effort and survey, top priorities came to life. (To view the master plan in detail, visit

Top priorities identified in the Master Plan community input process:

  • Pond and Beach Improvements  (Pond and beach grew in size a lot!)
  • Trail Improvements
  • Athletic Field Improvements (Idea is to be flexible and program for a variety of game needs for schools and other needs)
  • Pump Track
  • Skate Park
  • Dog Park
  • Par 3 Golf Improvements

Phase I Improvements Completed:

  • Pond Improvements
  • Expanded Beach Improvements
  • Irrigation Improvements
  • Trail Improvements

Phase II Improvements Identified in the Master Plan:

  • Athletic Field Improvements
    • Full-size soccer and lacrosse fields (discussion about turf positives)
  • Additional Parking
  • Restroom and Shade Structure
    • Grills/Picnic Area


Design development and community outreach ongoing through the Fall; November and December will see construction documents out to bid; start of construction Spring of 2025.



Indoor Pickleball for the Vail Valley Presented by Sue Donovan, John Donovan, Chandler Deimund, John Gottlieb, Mike Kieler, Michael Pascal, and Bill Suarez.

  • Discussion: The group is working toward an indoor facility for pickleball courts – currently there are none in the valley. Exploring EagleVail and other location options throughout the valley.
  • Pickleball facility would promote health and wellness.
  • Community gathering space in addition to courts would like to be programmed into a new facility.
  • Form and operate as a 501-c-3 not-for-profit and raise funds for construction (including grants for health and wellness.)
  • Seeking permission to do more exploratory work in potentially partnering with the District.
  • Reference to Steamboat facility (about 33,000 square feet) and modeling something similar; proposed heights to accommodate pro play (for point of comparison, thought to be shorter and slightly wider than WECMRD field house in Edwards)
  • Willing to work within entire master plan being executed currently.
  • Member Hopkins asked if something smaller might be considered?
  • Member Laughlin asked if the operations would remain with the non-profit?
  • Chair McGuire asked what would building look like as it will be prominent. What are other uses of space (ie. workout room.) Would like to understand traffic impacts.
  • Member Barcza: Do we want to be a county-wide resource with this facility?
  • Board “open” to ideas and will help gather community input.

Site renderings of potential indoor facility location sites: See photos below (Rendering at current site of courts facility & Rendering at east end site)

Manager Report:

  • HPS Community Service Day Tuesday, May 21.
  • Wildland Fire Mitigation projects ongoing and looking great.
  • Eagle Valley Wildland Community Slash Removal/Chipping Program in EagleVail on May 19.
  • Monday morning, May 20 – Metro District pick up bagged yard waste.   (Member Copeland suggested not using plastic bags – leave on a tarp or use a biodegradable bag for pickup)
  • Pool opening Friday, May 24.

Golf Course & Parks Update:

  • Positive updates to the golf course and practice facility openings. The restaurant and pro shop have great new offerings.
  • Member Copeland asked that practice facility not return to normal business hours and close at 7 p.m. due to safety concerns and people wanting to gather on the driving range earlier in the evening.
  • The driving range has only been open since May 3, and no issues have been reported, according to Ryan Flamm, Director of Golf.
  • Decision was to encourage evening gatherings in the many other parks and trails throughout the day, and course areas after play is closed (look for hole flags that have come down.)
  • Practice facility hours are open from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (The sale of range balls will stop at 8 p.m. when closed signs will be placed at range entrances; irrigation begins at 9 p.m.) The facility opens half an hour before the first tee times.
  • Member Copeland asked if the driving range can be staffed until it closes at 8 p.m. Flamm will track driving range revenue throughout the six months of operation.

Communications update:

  • Enhanced Communications Survey is live on
  • New enhanced communications efforts underway: monthly Q&A, Just the Facts, on; agendas to board meetings now provided in e-blast in advance.
  • Board members approve of new ideas: a monthly Coffee Chat at the Grill with a board member and Barber; and re-establishing committees with a board member and a staff member. Be on the lookout for more information on how residents and business owners can participate. (Proposed committees are: Finance, Parks & Trails; Recreational Amenities; Traffic Calming/Safety.)
  • Suggestion for two board members on Finance.
  • Pond Project update (in this Board Recap and upcoming e-blast week of May 20)

Finance update:

Tracking passage of SB24-233 for impacts to District (beginning with 2025 tax year, bill establishes a limit on property taxes for local governments.)





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