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EVMD Regular Meeting 6/20/2024 Recap
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EVMD Regular Meeting 6/20/2024 Recap

This is an unofficial summary of the June 20, 2024 Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of the EagleVail Metropolitan District produced by EVMD Communications staff. A draft of the minutes will be posted to the EVMD website once they are composed.

Board members present: Hopkins, Laughlin, Barcza, Copeland


2023 Audit

  • Matt Miller from McMahan & Assoc. presented the 2023 Audit, saying the District received a clean audit opinion. Miller said the audit focused on the data analytics around high expenses due to capital project expenditures, and nothing unusual was identified.
  • Board decision (4-0) to accept the 2023 Audit findings. 

Golf Course Signage Policy

  • In the context of wanting to be more transparent with and enhance communications, a discussion ensued around the golf course signage policy. The Board directed staff to increase golf course signage with more information about operations (staff will return with a proposed plan at the July board meeting.)
  • Discussion included: no support for a return to No Trespassing signs if behavior by residents, guests and dogs can improve; board member Betsy Laughlin suggested more signage showing how people can access the EagleVail Trail, and more signage about operational hours; board member Terry Copeland recognized the challenges with residents and golfers co-existing, but wants residents to be able to continue to access the golf course before and after operational hours and asked for more signage and reminders. Copeland suggested poop stations for information. She also suggested a designated place for off-leash dogs (Kris O’Neill, Manager of HR & Administration, explained that a fence would be required.)
  • Ryan Flamm, Director of Golf, and Brent Barnum, Superintendent of Golf Courses and Parks, discussed their perspectives in support of increased signage: paying golfers who run into kids playing on the course and safety concerns, and dogs grabbing balls; maintenance department employees who have been bitten by off-leash dogs (reminder that course crews begin their work at 5:30 a.m. daily); equipment damage from dogs; and a reminder that the golf course is a destination for non-residents who know there is public access to the course during non-operational hours unlike other courses in the valley.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

  • The Board adopted Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and for Kris O’Neill to be the administrator.


Manager Report:

  • The Pavilion Pond is open and looking beautiful! (Final construction costs should be available by the July Board meeting.)
  • Coordinating with Eagle County on an upcoming (TBD) road mill and overlay project at Deer Blvd. and Stone Creek.
  • Vail Valley Mountain Trails Alliance and Forest Service representatives met recently with homeowners at the west end of the community about the EagleVail Trail proposed extension project. The FS is wrapping up their scoping and public comment period, and the VVMTA will make a presentation to the District board in July.
  • A RFP is out for bid for traffic calming near Shop-n-Hop where the Highway 6 roundabout project is occurring and causing additional traffic coming into the neighborhood. Hole #11 will be the furthest west a speed table will be located.
  • Town of Vail has been in touch with District staff about a potential temporary sheet of ice in EagleVail when Dobson Ice Arena is redeveloped. The Eagle Fairgrounds is also an option. No decisions or timeframes yet.

Golf Course & Parks Update:

  • Board member Lauren Barcza asked for an update on the no-cash policy at the pool that was enacted during COVID. Staff will explore alternatives such as parental ability to set up a credit account for their kids. Barcza suggested that the pool is a great opportunity to promote the Grill and asked staff to explore more food options.
  • Peak golf season will be under way as of June 21. The season to date has not been particularly busy but it is increasing with a couple days of 200-plus golfers. Season pass sales have exceeded expectations.
  • Par 3 is open! Family nights are returning to Par 3 with discount golf. Golf leagues and clinics are up and running.
  • The maintenance team has been working diligently on the Par 3 course having been delayed a bit due to the Pavilion Pond expansion project.

Communications update:

  • Monthly enhanced communications tactics included: June Just the Facts (Ponds, Parks & Trails, and Driving Range usage update) on; board meeting agenda provided in e-blast in advance of meeting; May board meeting recap on; Enhance Communications Survey open for just over a month and results presented.
  • Monthly Coffee Chat with a District Board Member will commence in July; stay tuned for date, time. Re-establishing monthly committee meetings (Finance, Traffic Calming/Safety; Recreational Amenities; and Parks & Trails) will commence in September; stay tuned for dates and times.
  • With 47 respondents so far, the Enhance Communications Survey can still be accessed on Please take 5 minutes to answer the Enhance Communications Survey to help us improve!

May Finance update:

  • Golf revenues early-season are a bit behind expected pace but overall revenues coming in where expected.





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